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What is Air O Sport?

Air O Sport is a target sport that combines elements of basketball, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, and team handball. It is a game that is appropriate for players of all skill levels and most ages.

Whether you’re a beginner who just wants to learn a fun, new sport, or you’re a seasoned athlete who loves the thrill of competitive play, Air O Sport provides a fun experience.

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  • Wendy Thompson

    Amazing game! So much fun for the whole family! Purchased and took to my family reunion, just got called today and asked to bring it to Thanksgiving for us all to play again!

  • Chris Trent

    As soon as I saw Air O Sport, I knew I wanted it for my student ministry. It’s what I call an “equalizer” game in the sense that all kids, no matter their size or skill, can play Air O Sport and enjoy it. Our students are LOVING it.

  • Lisa Dowis

    When I saw my 13-year-old niece and my 86-year-old father-in-law celebrate their shots, I knew this was a game for all. Fun, fresh, and fetching! Air O Sport is the game to have!

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