Other Ways to Play Air O Sport

more ways to play Air O Sport

More Ways To Play

Hey there, old friend! Back so soon? You must have heard that we have even more ways you can enjoy Air O Sport. Good news, you heard right! Below is a list of 7 new ways that you can have fun with Air O Sport.

Full-court (7-on-7)

2 towers required

Think ultimate frisbee! Set up 2 towers on opposite ends of the court or field. Just like in soccer or ultimate frisbee, each team is trying to score at one end and defend on the other. the first team to knock down all 5 rockets wins the game.

Team Knockout

2 towers required

Set up towers side by side and break up into two teams. With one person from each team throwing one disc at a time, work together to knock off all your rockets before the other team. Can be played outdoors or indoors with towers backed up to a wall.

Trick Shot Challenge

Let your inner Dude Perfect shine by picking fun trick shots. Call out your shot, then see if the next shooter can match it. Whoever reaches 10 points first wins!

Around the O (Give & Go)

Work on spatial awareness and shooting on the run. Feed the shooter as many discs as needed as they rotate around the o until all rockets are knocked off the tower. Keep score by the number of discs needed to knock off all the rockets.

Rapid Fire

Set a timer for 60 seconds, then take 5 shots to see how many rockets you can knock off. For each rocket left on the tower, pick a multiplier of how many reps of any exercise you choose. Repeat until rockets have all been knocked off the tower. Remount if necessary and continue until time runs out. Example: 5 pushups per rocket.

Warning: this can be an extremely intense cardio workout!

Ultimate Backyard Game

Break into 2 teams. Each team gets 4 throws per round. The throwing team gets 2 points for direct hits. The defending team gets 1 point for catching the rocket before it hits the ground. First team to 21 wins.

Splashed Man Standing

Fill the bottom of the rockets with water and take turns standing behind the water filled rocket while others toss a disc and try to make it splash. The last dry person wins! Take the splash to the next level by throwing water balloons at the rockets. Did winter come too soon? Turn Air O Sport into Air O snowball by trading out the discs for snowballs!

Boom! There you have it. And get creative! There are limitless opportunities to adapt these game modes into whatever you want them to be! So have fun with it, and challenge somebody who hasn’t played yet to a shootout. You may be surprised by their Air O abilities. Get out there!


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