Our Story

Pure Intentions.

Air O Sport emerged from Mike and Stephanie Kinner's vision to create a sport that embraces inclusivity at its core. It’s designed not just for competition, but as a community builder where everyone, regardless of ability, can participate.

A Game For All

The arrival of their son Samuel, who was born as a true underdog, deepened their commitment to inclusivity. Samuel's joy and resilience in the midst of battling epilepsy & microcephaly underscore the spirit of Air O Sport finding joy in the midst of challenges.

Power of Play

The game offers a dynamic and engaging experience that transcends traditional sports boundaries. It’s crafted to be accessible for all, aiming to be recognized as a Paralympic sport and a featured game in the Special Olympics.

Join the movement that is Air O Sport, you are stepping into a community that champions the underdog and celebrates every participant. Together, we’re not just playing; we’re changing the game for a more inclusive world.

Our Values


    PLAY is for everyone.


    PLAY brings out our best.


    PLAY makes us stronger.


    PLAY has purpose.