Our Story

Empowering Play, Embracing Community

At Air O Sport, our mission is simple yet profound: empower people to scroll less, play more, and become a positive force for the next generation.

Our Story

Air O Sport was born from the vision of Mike and Stephanie Kinner, who dreamed of creating a sport that embodies inclusivity. This is not just a game; it's a community builder where everyone, regardless of ability, can participate and thrive.

Underdogs Rising Strong

A Game for All

The arrival of their son Samuel, a true underdog, strengthened their dedication to inclusivity. Samuel's joy and resilience in facing epilepsy, lissencephaly and microcephaly highlight the essence of Air O Sport – finding joy amidst challenges.

The Power of Play

Air O Sport offers a dynamic and engaging experience that goes beyond traditional sports. Designed to be accessible for all, our goal is to see it recognized as a Paralympic sport and a featured game in the Special Olympics.

Putting Fun Back in Sports

The Thrill of Competition

While embracing inclusivity, Air O Sport also celebrates the fun and excitement of athletic competition. Our sport is crafted to challenge and engage participants, fostering a spirit of friendly rivalry and teamwork. We aim to build the next great American sport, where both casual players and serious athletes can find their place and excel.

Military Championship

Air O Sport is pushing the envelope with an Air O Sport Military Championship-A sporting event dedicated to honoring and empowering military leaders and their families.

The goal is to showcase heroes who are protecting our freedoms that allow us to have fun, family friendly sporting experiences

Join the Movement

When you join the Air O Sport community, you're stepping into a community that champions the underdog and brings people together one game at a time. Together, we're not just playing; we're changing the game for a more positive, connected and dynamic world.

Scroll less. Play more. Be the change with Air O Sport

Our Values


    PLAY is for everyone.


    PLAY brings out our best.


    PLAY makes us stronger.


    PLAY has purpose.