19 Places to Play Air O Sport

places to play Air O Sport

Running low on backyard real estate? Don’t have a spacious basement? Don’t worry! We put together a list of 19 places that you can take Air O Sport AND have a ton of fun. You’ll want to read to the end because you might end up in the history books… 

It’s time to put down the phones and get outside. We challenge you to try out an idea from this list TODAY! Take a pic and tag us on social media

Birthday parties

How much did the last bouncy castle cost to rent? Air O Sport pays for itself because your kids will never outgrow it. Plus, why waste your money on rentals? You can purchase two Air O Sport bundles for less than the cost of a rental fee for one birthday party, and then you can bring it to every birthday party you go to (trust us, you’ll be the hit of the party!). Air O Sport is safer, more inclusive, and more versatile than any other birthday game.


Camping is great fun. But if you’re like most families, we’ll bet that sometimes you find it challenging to engage your kids and friends with a safe activity that will keep everyone engaged. Air O Sport is the answer!

Family Game Night

Tired of another year gone by with no great memories to show for it? Host an Air O Sport family/neighborhood tournament twice a month and watch the joyful moments multiply!

Family Reunions

Croquet, pickleball, cornhole or Air O Sport. Most family reunions have tried just about every idea to engage grandma, teenagers, and the wee ones, but only one game is suitable for all generations and fitness levels – it’s Air O Sport!

Hot Summer Day 

There’s nothing that breaks the stillness of a sweltering summer day like a water balloon fight! Throw water balloons at the rockets or put water inside the rockets to have a splashing good time! If you run out of water balloons, take the splash factor to the next level and fill the rockets with water and for endless fun until the sun goes down.

Glow In The Dark Game Nights

When the sun goes down, don’t let the fun stop. Add some glow sticks in your rockets and use the glow in the dark feature of the Air O discs for a best of 10 championship.


Bbq, ice cold beverages, safe bean bag discs, rubber rockets, and best-of-five shootouts and trick shots... sounds epic to us!

Booth Engagement Tool 

Ever work a trade show booth or volunteer for a non-profit special event? Air O Sport is the ultimate booth engagement tool to get people to stop by your booth and stay awhile.

Office Break Room

Here’s a topic for your next meeting: how about bringing air o sport in once a month for a fun and interactive team-building game? whoever gets most out of ten gets the highly coveted VIP parking spot for a month – or whatever seems to be the most valuable reward at the end of the day.

Loan Air O Sport To Your Best Friend For Their Graduation Party

When your best friend asks, “what are we going to do for fun at the party?” you get to be the hero. And everybody likes being the hero ... am i right?

Snow Day

Are you tired of hearing the kids say, “mom, i’m bored!” challenge them to hit 50 rockets off with a snowball before they can come inside for some hot chocolate.

Late Night In The Man Cave

Looking for a more exciting (and safer) form of darts for the basement/man cave? Your basement is due for a fun upgrade, Air O Sport is the answer!


Sometimes volunteering is the most empowering thing you can do with your time. Setting up an Air O Sport challenge is sure to evoke the spirit of fun and competition, making your fundraiser a smash hit.

Special Events

Fourth of July, weddings, Father’s day, Thanksgiving turkey bowl.

Carnival Game

Put candy, trinkets, and prizes inside the rockets for an interactive game for a carnival.

Adaptive Communities

Adapt gameplay to just about any ability. Add bells inside the rockets for visually impaired athletes or put yourself in the shoes of a visually impaired person and blindfold yourself and have your teammate shake the bells to help you self correct your shot.

Set World Record

Why not? Set a Guinness Book of World Records with the limitless challenges of Air O Sport. Just remember, if it’s not on video, it didn’t happen.

Inspire healthy living in your community with Air O Sport. With so many different ways to play, it would be a shame to not try a new one today… Life’s too short not to be intentional about having fun


How to Play

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